Exchange Listing Services


Once your Coin or Token is ready to be listed on Crypto Exchange, we ensure that you are accessible on all the major exchanges. This gives you the much-needed exposure in terms of further trading. Let’s list your coin on exchanges in three simple steps.

Exchange Listing Process

Step 1: Choose Exchange

Choose which exchange platforms you want to list your coin

Step 2: User Info

      • Name
      • Email address
      • Skype ID
      • Phone
      • Messages

Step 3: Coin Info

      • Contract Address
      • Coin Name
      • Chinese Coin Name
      • Abbreviation
      • Official Site URL (http://)
      • Download an icon logo (http://)
      • Currency supply
      • Block explorer
      • Opening price ($)
      • Current price ($)
      • Project contact (Name/ email/ telegram/ phone)
      • Team Background (Co-founder/ Team members)
      • Main promotion channels
      • Current exchanges
      • Official Contact Email Address

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