Exchange Development


Exchange Development Services is supplied by Techcom’s experts with focusing on security, connectivity and seamless environment. If you are a part cryptocurrency world and are looking forward to integrate in an exchange platform, we are here to provide you a flawless ready-made exchange trading platform.

Exchange Platform Features

The ability to make money from online trading has never been easier with these outstanding features Techcom brings to you.

Leverage Trading

Effective risk management to minimize stop loss and therefore, maximize the amount of transactions

Integrated Referral Program

Users can get both direct commissions and referral commission as soon as its trade has been successfully operated

Multi-currency wallet

Multicurrency Wallet supporting both fiat and cryptocurrency in various mechanisms of payment and withdrawal

Payment Gateway Integration

Users can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency with Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfers, and alternative methods

Support Team

Provide 24/7 support of all current functions, including KYC, tickets issued, commissions and all transactions

API Integration

Any cryptocurrency can be integrated to the exchange platform with integration mail service and SMS service carriers

Order Sharing

Allowing to reflect orders voluntarily and increasing liquidity

Matching Engine

The matching engine allows up to 150k orders in different types per second

Mobile Application

Trading at anytime and anywhere via IOS or Android devices

Admin Backend Panel

Can view all current functions, including KYC, Tickets issued, Referrals and all transactions

Multi-language support

The exchange platform supports multiple languages

SEO/SEM Enabled

Smart SEO tool allows key words to be resulted on Google search

Order types in Cryptocurrency Exchange

Market Order

A Market Order enables users to trade cryptocurrencies at the present value. Market buy or market sell is set by the users in order to protect themselves from slippage in a volatile market

Limit Order

A Limit Order (Limit Buy or Limit Sell) enables users to trade cryptocurrencies by placing an order with the hopes that it will be fulfilled by other users’ market order. Due to the market volatility, the orders are not limited to slippage

Stop Order

Stop Order is a conditional market order which is sold by the user when it reaches a specified price. A Stop Buy or Stop Sell/Loss can be set as precautionary actions

Buy Stop Order

Buy Stop order or Stop Loss order is placed when the stop price is about or below the market price. This is used either to limit a loss or protect the profit on a cryptocurrency in the exchange

Copy Order

Copy Order is an order copied by a user from the top crypto-traders when the user gets the updates in the platform. It is very useful for the crypto-trading beginners. The top crypto-traders will then receive commission calculated on the earnings of the copy users

P2P Trading

Peer to Peer Trading allows price negotiation between buyers and sellers before making any transaction of coin or token. To ensure safety, the cryptocurrency is stored on escrow, and is only transacted once the buyer and seller agree on the negotiated price

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Process


We validate your business idea before we begin with cryptocurrency exchange platform development by evaluating digital currency market scenario and accordingly planning the right model for your product.


Post adequate research, we create a simple yet appealing front-end design for your cryptocurrency exchange platform so that it entices the user to trade on your exchange


Under this phase, our seasoned crypto exchange development team executes the ideal solution and security measures to develop a highly secure crypto app


As and when the cryptocurrency development process ends, we follow a rigorous testing procedure to make sure that it complies well with the project requirements

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